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Our Lineage of succession & Experiences Passed on Over 4 Generations and now carried out by Our CMD Capt. D K Giri who is presently The National President of The Association of Private Detectives in India (APDI). Felicitated with Best Private Detective Agency & Detectives & Investigators & Fact Finders Awards by President of India.

The Best, No 1 & First Choice of the Most Trusted Agency & Agents having 78 yrs of experience in maintaining 100% Secrecy, Confidentiality & Best Results in Private Detective, Investigation, Fact Finding, Investigation Agency In Allahabad, Mirzapur, Kanpur, Ghazaibad, All India & Internationally.

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Awards & Achivements

For Being The Best Private Detective Agency & Detectives & Investigators & Fact Finders Awards by

award President of India
award PM Award for Public Peace of Mind Support
award Lifetime Achievement Award
award Ratan Shiromani Award
award Bishampitama (( Grandfather)) of & for Training & Guiding Detectives
award Social Service & Supports in Private Detectives & Investigators Awards.
award Fact Finders Award for Peace of Mind & Legal Support
award Private Detective Agency & Investigators Award of the Years (1962, 1971, 1980, 2016 & 2020)
award Veteran in Services rendered Since 1944 in Private Detective, Investigations & Fact Finding
award Rotary International Award for Excellence in Service
award Lions International Award for Excellence in Private Detective, Investigations & Fact Finding Support to Public, Businesses & Govt.
award Entrepreneur, Trainer & Employer of the Decades Award

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  • arrow We Work not just for money but to maintain The Name & Honor of our Heritage & compulsive service in our DNA traits
  • arrow Millions of Cases successfully solved over the decades
  • arrow 2700 Handpicked & Fully Trained & Proven Detectives, Investigation & Fact Finding Agents
  • arrow 900 Full-Time, Fully Trained & Proven Detectives & Investigation Agents
  • arrow 4th Generation of Heritage, Honor & Experience
  • arrow 24 Hours, 365 Days Central Control Room to Coordinate & Guide in all Cases
  • arrow Best Private Detectives, Investigators & Fact Finders Awards on & by the above
  • arrow Client Satisfaction has been Our Motto over the Generations
  • arrow 100% Confidentiality & Secrecy Guaranteed with Best Possible Results
  • arrow Professionally & over the years Tried & Tested Management & SOPs
  • arrow Experienced & Periodically Trained & Retrained Agents
  • arrowIn-House Scientific & Latest Equipped Laboratory
  • arrow Deploying Latest & Most Sophisticated Detective Equipments
  • arrow Local, National & International Network of Agents throughout the World
  • arrow Reasonable & Best Charges, Sometimes Concessional & even Free Services provided
  • arrow Our CMD is The National President of The Association of Private Detectives in India (APDI).

Services Offered by Allahabad Detective & Investigation Agency

Detective & Investigation Charges

The Charges on executing a case primarily depend on the quality and quantum of manpower, resources and equipment required to be deployed and most importantly the time required on the assignment. There is generally no thumb rule charges towards an assignment as these vary from case to case, most importantly the charges depend on the geographical, political, religious, expense and risk related factors. Moreover, the longer the period of assignment, the less the charges, the shorter the period of assignment, the higher the charges, i.e. if the charges for Investigation & shadowing for 7 days is Rs.5,000/- per day, the same will reduce to Rs.4,500/- per day if the same is for more than 15 days and will reduce to Rs.4,000/- if it is to be done for more than 30 days. Short Assignments result in under deployment of the agents and thus loses to the Agency and thus if the Assignment is for 5 days it cost Rs.6,000/- per day and Rs.7,000/- for Assignments of 2 to 3 days and Rs.9,000/- for one single day. However, to give a general idea the charges are as below. These charges are 25% higher in expensive cities like Allahabad, Mirzapur, Kanpur, Ghazaibad.


The Category of the Agents depend on the Qualification & Experience of the Agents & type of the "Subject". We are dealing with i.e., for normal person it will be Category "C" Agents. But for high profile, extra smart, hyper, alertical, etc.. Subject, we will deploy Category "A" Agents.

The charges for Category "C" Agents is Rs.4,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty) .

The charges for Category "B" Agents is Rs.5,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).

The charges for Category "A" Agents is Rs.6,000/- Per Day (10 Hrs. duty).

The above charges are for a Investigation of a minimum of 7 to 10 Days.

We recommend 1 full week Investigation and a counter check of 3 hyperactive days in the next week.

The charges are double for Investigation of 2 or less Days.

The charges are 50% extra for Investigation of 6 or less, upto 3 Days.

The charges are reduced by 10% for Investigation of 11 to 20 Days, 15% for 21 to 30 Days and 20% for beyond 30 Days.

The above charges are for Investigation between 0800 Hrs. to 1800 Hrs. (Day Time).

The charges between 1800 Hrs. to 0800 Hrs. (Night Time) is double.

The charges for Investigation on Holidays and Sundays are double.

In case of Investigation out of the city of action, the charges will be double.

During the Investigation, if the Subject moves out of station and we are required to follow, the charges will be double as the team instead of working for 10 hrs is out for 24 hrs. Actual travelling, boarding & lodging expenditure will be borne by the Client.

The charges for Secret Video Recording depending upon the type of equipment required in the assignment which will be decided by us, is Rs.1,000/- to Rs.2,500/- Per Day

The Assignments once started are non-stoppable and the amount paid is non-refundable.

A sum equitant to 75% of the total charges shall be paid in advance.

The balance sum of 25% shall be paid before 50% of the continuance of the Case.

In case daily / telephonic report is required, the full amount has to be paid in advance.

Any balance / overtime amount shall be paid before giving of the Final verbal Report.

Reports will be given verbally only. For written reports 10% extra will be charged. Note:

The Category "A" Agents are highly skilled and having long experience and drawn from the Police Forces, CBI, Army etc., They are generally deployed in very sensitive and serious cases where risks are high and special investigations need to be done.

The Category "B" Agents are skilled having long experience of working in our Agency, Part of this Team of 2-3 Agents are from the Category "A" above. They are generally deployed in Pre & Post Marital and Employment related Investigations which may not be very sensitive and serious cases and where risks are not very high and investigations are not very specialized.

The Category "C" Agents are Agents who have finished their training, and are not very highly experienced but are deployed along with an experienced Agent drawn from the Category "B" above. They are generally deployed in low sensitivity and less serious cases and where highly experienced investigations are not required. Our Expenditure on Investigation

Most of the Clients argue about the above charges being very high and thus in order to keep up with our reputation of Transparency and Honesty, we have given a breakdown on our expenses and the logic behind the above charges.

Reviews From Best Clients


BEWARE OF UNPROFESSIONAL, Although, there are more than 2500 “So to Say” Detective Agencies in every state, most of them are Security Agencies but claim to be Detectives also, you cannot expect a security guard or even a security officer to conduct secret private investigations. Also, off late many “Fly by Night Detective Agencies in Allahabad, Mirzapur, Kanpur, Ghazaibad have popped up, even Marriage Bureau’s, Placement Agencies, Mobile Phone Shop, Wine Shops, Beauty Parlour, Recovery Agencies, Advocates & even Small Criminals advertise to be detectives in Allahabad thus, one has to be very careful before revealing their secrets to others. To be a detective one should have the necessary special aptitude, training, experience & most essentially the character of the highest level; moreover it cannot be a part time job as it requires complete involvement & dedication.